Competitive travel insurance with comprehensive product

Travel insurance with Bula Travel and Aussietravelcover worldwide travel insurance. First- class worldwide insurance cover. We encourage you to compare with other insurance product before you buy Aussietravelcover insurance. Aussietravelcover has been providing travel insurance policy since 1982. The opening hours are Mon-Fri 8.30-7pm and Sat 9am-2pm EST. They also provide 24 hour emergency service.

Do I really need travel insurance?

There are many things to consider when travelling overseas including passport, tickets, exchange rates, accommodation, and what to pack. While overseas travel can be an exciting prospect, there can be situations where things may go wrong and travellers find themselves needing urgent medical assistance, help with replacing lost luggage and/or assistance with making an urgent trip home. This is where Travel Insurance can help – along with providing peace of mind for travellers who may find themselves in any of these situations. Travellers should thoroughly read the policy before they purchase travel insurance to ensure it meets all their requirements and provides the appropriate level of cover.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people losing their money, passport, sometimes their entire luggage, leaving them stranded far from home. Or worse, being injured or just getting sick in the wrong part of the world.


Is there an age limit on travel insurance?

There’s usually an upper age limit. But insurers are aware of the fact that more and more of our older citizens enjoy international travel – and also that many are fitter than travellers half their age. Some budget-priced travel insurance policies place limits on travellers over 50, with cover ceasing at age 65. However, most travel insurers only ask for a Traveller’s Appraisal Form, which details the customer’s state of health, when they are aged 70 or more.